Samson (heavy blue pied)

Samson is our stunning 27 pound blue pied male and he has been a very successful breeder – in fact, he has not failed yet and has produced several large litters of outstanding puppies, including Brynlee, Emery, Heaven, and Tysie. Not only is Samson a gorgeous heavy blue pied with minimal brindling, he has the sweetest and most loving disposition and temperament; and he is also an amazing athlete, which he has passed on to his progeny. Samson was the cutest little puppy and has grown into an outstanding example of what a male French Bulldog should be! He is very muscular and bully looking with a large square head and flat face – a result of his championship Russian and Hungarian heritage, including the “Du Champagne”, “De La Parure”, “Palevyh Buldogov”, “Red Blooded”, “White-Ghost”, “Night Hawk”, and “Von Glandorf” lines.

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