Breaking News:

BlueHaven’s Maddie is all grown up and expecting her first litter. We would also like to introduce our stud, Cody, who will be a first time daddy as well. Check them out under ‘Meet our Frenchies’. We are anxious to see what this litter has in store, because there is a good chance we may have produced BlueHaven’s first blue and tans! Regardless, some of the other beautiful colors we expect are blue sables, blue fawns, and pieds in these colors. Update: Maddie had her litter on 3/21/15! Our priority is to mom and the pups at this time but we will take a video and introduce them in a couple of weeks.

The 7 week video of Diamond and Quigley’s litter has just been posted. Check them out under ‘New Puppies’ under the drop down ‘Diamond & Quigley’.


It continues to be frequently brought to our attention that scammers are still at it stealing our pictures, videos, and website content. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ADVERTISE ANYWHERE EXCEPT ON OUR WEBSITE!!! If you are seeing our pictures, videos, or content from our website (or anything else from us, for that matter) being advertised ANYWHERE else, please know it is not legitimate and someone is trying to scam you. If in doubt, ask them to send a picture of the puppy they are advertising beside a placard with your name & date. This is something a scammer can not do since they do not have any real puppies.

Note: If you right-click on a picture you can do a Google search and find out where the picture is originally posted on the web.

The new technology we have makes it possible for French Bulldog breeders like us in northern Utah to have clients from every state in the union adopt our puppies. But, it also opens the door to unscrupulous people who will take advantage of honest individuals looking for a new companion.

About a third of our puppies are adopted by in-state or near-state clients who come to our home to meet us and to pick-up their new fur babies, but this means that we send about two-thirds of our puppies out-of-state to every corner of the country. While the internet makes this possible, it also opens up possibilities of fraud. When buying a puppy over the internet, an old adage comes to mind, “buyers beware”. While there are many good and ethical dog breeders, there are also a lot of individuals who will breed dogs, regardless of quality, in an effort to make a few bucks, and other despicable individuals who will perpetrate any scam they can invent to get someone else’s hard earned money – and puppy scams are becoming an all too common occurrence. If scammers would use only half their ingenuity and efforts to do something productive instead of using all of it to scam innocent people, we would have a much better world, but, unfortunately, some never will, and a wise buyer will be very careful.

If you decide to buy a puppy from an on-line breeder, please do your homework and make sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder – one who is honest, will treat you fairly, and will not misrepresent their dogs and puppies in any way. By the way, most reputable breeders who have been producing puppies for a while and have made a name for themselves usually do not have puppies immediately available, as they typically have clients waiting for each new litter.

Be especially careful of new and poorly done websites, adds from newly created accounts, adds which do not have (legitimate) phone numbers (if in doubt – call and check, and if you do call a number and are directed to leave a message, which is responded to by text, strongly expect a scam – insist on speaking to them on a legitimate phone number), adds that are very poorly worded or which have significant grammatical mistakes, adds giving a sad story as to why the owner(s)/breeder(s) must part (very cheaply) with their Frenchie puppies or adults, adds that just don’t feel right or that ring hollow, and adds from people offering deals that sound too good to be true – they probably are too good to be true. They will also most likely want you to pay in some odd way which can not be traced (such as putting your money on a card which is then sent to the scammer’s PO Box) and they will then tell you that your puppy will be delivered to your doorstep within a relatively short period of time.

If you are fairly close to a breeder, they should be more than happy to have you visit their home (don’t expect them to let you into their kennel) to see the puppies and some of their adult Frenchies. If a purported breeder doesn’t want you to come by, a red flag should go up. Also, some of these scammers will give references, but almost invariably they will only give e-mail addresses (which could be someone else involved in the scam, i.e., family, friends, or even the scammer) and NO legitimate phone numbers on which you can TALK to them (which can be traced). If in doubt, make sure you get legitimate phone numbers on which you can call and actually speak to a person – don’t trust texts. Please do what you can to protect yourselves from scammers.

If you do find out about a scam, please report it to the proper authorities. A fraudulent add should be reported to the organization posting the add; if you lose money in a scam report it to the police, the BBB, and others who might help put an end to the problem. Please do not let the few bad apples ruin the dog breeding business for all of us reputable breeders and all dog lovers everywhere.

Lacey and Donna


Introduction: We are Donna and Lacey, a mother/daughter team who (along with a lot of help from our husbands) breed high quality French Bulldogs in northern Utah (including rare blues, blue-fawns, chocolates, and sables) for the love and enjoyment of this wonderful breed.

We have owned dogs virtually all of our lives  -  lots of dogs, and about every kind of dog you can name.   Although we have had a few litters of puppies in the past from some of our other dogs, we never seriously thought about breeding dogs until we became familiar with and obtained our first wonderful little French Bulldog, Bryn  -  the first of many.

We love these little dogs so much, and find the Frenchie puppies so fascinating and adorable, that we decided we wanted to breed them seriously so that we could help others enjoy them as much as we do,  and improve the breed in the process.

We have tried to make this website user friendly, interesting, and informative and hope you find it so.    We have included a lot of our own experiences, as well as research we have done on the French Bulldog.

What we have experienced is that while there are breed standards for body structure, size, color, and temperament for the French Bulldog, there is sufficient leeway to allow interesting variations from Frenchie to Frenchie  -  we’re confident there is one just for you.   While each Frenchie is an individual with his or her own peculiarities, our experience is that they all love people (and other animals), they are very smart and learn easily, they try very hard to please, and they make wonderful companions for virtually any family situation.

We would be very interested in hearing your feedback on our website.   We are always trying to improve it.   If you love Frenchies as much as we do, or think you might with what you now know, we would love to communicate with you.

If you are in the market for one of these little bundles of joy, please consider us as your source for a high quality French Bulldog puppy (and occasionally an older retired French Bulldog).  Our objective is to make you a very satisfied customer; and with your new Frenchie we will provide you with a health guarantee, pedigree, and AKC registration paperwork.

We regularly have new litters of adorable Frenchie puppies which we post on this website. Virtually all of our puppies are placed with clients on our waiting list, so if you are looking for a high quality Frenchie puppy and have some timing flexibility please contact us and we will send information which will help you determine if we might be the breeder for you. If you are willing to wait a while, we will have just the Frenchie you are dreaming of.

Thanks and enjoy.

Donna and Lacey